App Prototype Development

Let’s build a prototype that feels real!

Why Prototyping?

Prototypes are extremely effective to:

  • Test user feedback on a new design.
  • Test early customer feedback to see if they would use your product.
  • Get investor’s buy in when they see something tangible as opposed to an idea on paper.
  • Effective way to eliminate navigational and other small UI issues early before development starts.

Prototype Apps allow you to test user experiences

> Pick up potential flaws and even help to get valuable feedback from early adopters. There is no better way to get people talking about your App than the ability to show them what your App can do! Valuable feedback allows us to correct the path and make the required changes before your product reaches your customer’s hands.

> Just think of all the Apps out there and remember that each App owner wants to offer something his or her competitors don’t. Those that don’t offer that “Wow” factor of App experience will be uninstalled in seconds. Yes, even the smallest defect or design flaw could make the difference between a customer embracing or uninstalling your app.


Prototyping first has many benefits

We have seen that a simple flaw such as a slow loading App will cause some users to become frustrated. Taking into consideration that every second counts, it is important for your App to load without glitches and images are not distorted once loaded. Mont6 has a saying that rings: App users are all about visuals – if they don’t like what they see, they uninstall quickly. Thus, the number one box your App needs ticked by users is the fact visuals and loading speed is all in order. Once that box is ticked, users feel comfortable to roam around your App..
Creating a prototype of your App means that it will simulate core features, navigation between different screens and general functionality of the application. There are some features that will only work once your App is fully launched but will not impact use when in the Prototype mode. This makes it easy for you and those you wish to use the prototype App to navigate through the interface.
The app will be installable on your Android & iOS device to show to your friends, family and colleagues near you that will give you honest feedback. That way, we can take the feedback gathered and commence on how further improvements can be made.
As you can see, we’re all about making your App the “secret to success” for your business. We strive to work alongside you and those you trust with your App prototype to create not just any App, but an App that will blow your user’s socks off their feet! With that said, you wouldn’t want just any old App, you would want THE App. That is why you need to choose Mont6 App Developers for all your App requirements – whether it is building Apps from the ground up or updating an existing App – we’re here to make your App dreams come true!

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