Back-end Development

Fast, Scalable, Secure and Reliable Backend Development Services.

Your App can only scale if your backend can. And how quick you scale can make or break your business.

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    Behind every successful app is a successful, fast, and secure backend.

    Backends are what drives mobile applications. Many other App Development companies tend to focus solely on the frontend of the App to ensure the application looks amazing for potential users. But over the years we found that your app is only as good as your backend is.

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    Custom backend development

    The technical team at Mont6 customizes the backend of the App so that there are no bloat of unused code as with low-code out of the box solutions. We also make use of third-party services like Firebase, Amazon Web Services and Storage, Google, and Microsoft Azure. This enables us to ensure your App backend will serve to optimum capacity.

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    Robust backend technologies

    Mont6 develops customized backends on robust technologies that can handle loads of data, simultaneous user connections,
    and the storing of data sufficiently and securely. To comply with industry regulators we make sure sensitive data is encrypted and stored in safe locations, while keeping speed and optimum performance in mind.


Another critical factor of having a perfectly functioning backend is security

We understand compliance and regulatory standards and will ensure your app is secure and in line with all regulatory bodies.


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