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We’ll submit your apps to Google Play and Apple App Store.


Getting your Apps into the stores

Getting your Apps into the stores and keeping them there can be a daunting task. The stores have many rules, design guides, privacy policies, and terms that they’re updating continuously. As we’ve been in the App development industry for many years, you can trust us to develop an App that will be approved by all the stores they need to be featured on.


We ensure there are no broken links in your App

There isn’t a single app store that will accept Apps with broken links. That is why we ensure all links on your App interface work correctly and redirect users to the correct place. We also ensure your app has a visible link to your App’s privacy policy as App stores, as a rule of thumb, look for this when determining if your App is trustworthy or not.


We ensure all placeholder content is removed

When developing an App, placeholder content offers developers an easy way to place specific content where needed. The team at Mont6 has seen that should an App contain placeholder content when sent for review by App stores; it will be rejected. Thus we make sure your App does not contain any placeholder content that may confuse users when interacting with your application.


We ensure your App content is unique

The number of Apps available in the App stores keeps growing and with that, Apps that offer the same type of services emerge from time to time. Thus, your App needs to offer users something unique in order to be accepted into App stores. Our team of experienced App Developers in Pretoria and Cape Town always bring new and fresh ideas to the table when working on an App and with our client’s collaboration, we create something exceptional every time!


When it comes to adding advertisements to your App

There are many users who feel that advertisements hinder their App experience. However, if you require the adding of advertisements on your App interface, we will ensure it does not make users want to use your App any less. We make use of Advertising Identifiers that allow ads to be displayed without any issues. This will ensure your App gets accepted with the option to serve ads to your users.


We ensure lasting App value

Another common reason for App being rejected is the fact that it does not provide lasting value for users. That is why, in the design phase of your App, we make sure that your App offers something other Apps do not. We believe that offering something unique to users do not only improve user experience but gives users a lasting memory of your App – something that will drive them to use your App instead of competing ones.
These are just some of the pointers we tick off the list when preparing to send your App for review on the App stores. At Mont6, we take care of every single detail before sending your Apps for review so you can rest assured your App will be accepted in an instant!
As we have submitted hundreds of Apps over the years, we’re keeping up with the rules of the stores to make sure we comply at all times. Just another way we give our clients peace of mind when it comes to getting their Apps in user’s hands with ease!

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