Protecting My App Idea

When starting conversations around a new app project or idea the first question I always get is: “How should I protect my app idea?”. As a client, you want to be assured that your idea does not get stolen by the developer that’s quoting on your project and at the same time, without details it’s very hard for a developer to do a cost estimation without getting more insight about the product to be developed.

Unless you’re happy with an initial high-level cost estimation for your app, the more details that a client provide the less guess-work there is for the developer doing the cost-estimate that could ultimately result in lower fees to the client.

Some believe that you need a patent in place but this could be a lengthy and costly process that could take several months or years to get approved. One of the key things about mobile apps is to launch fast and be agile and to do this you must avoid processes like patents to could unnecessarily delay your product launch date.

The very best and least thing to do with any new project is to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (or NDA for short) with the development house that you are enquiring with. A signed NDA will help to protect your idea from being stolen and give you a legal footprint in case of a breach to pursue the culprits at hand.

To discuss your development project with Mont6 please feel free to download our Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement or send us your agreement to review at and lets get your project discussions underway.

Please Note: The opinion in this write up done from general experience and knowledge in the field. Mont6 Technologies (Pty) Ltd. is not a legal advisory service and we strongly recommend professional and qualified advice from a legal practitioner about this topic.

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